Management and the staff of Thermes Parc warmly welcome you to the heart of the village of Val d’Illiez.

You are now entering a universe of well-being and serenity. The rules you will find below are designed to guarantee that our clients enjoy a pleasant experience of relaxation in complete safety. We rely on your cooperation and compliance with these regulations in order to maintain safety within our establishment.


Your presence in the thermal center indicates that you accept the following company policies as well as all instructions given by any Thermes Parc staff member.

In all circumstances, the principle of “respect for the rules and respect for others” should be followed.


Only persons who have purchased an entrance to the spa center may have access. Entrance is only valid on the day of purchase and only for a sole and single person. However, guests who have booked an apartment will have unlimited access to the thermal center included in their reservation.

There is no age limit for entrance to the thermal center. Children under 4 are allowed. It is highly recommended that children who do not know how to swim wear flotation sleeves (arm floats). Children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them.

For reasons of hygiene, spa clients are requested to comply with the following clothing requirements:
    • Swimsuits are required
    • Any swimsuits made from swimsuit material are allowed in the pools
    • Wearing underwear under swimsuits is not allowed
    • Wearing string bikinis, monokinis, trikinis, or thong bikinis is not allowed
    • No shoes are allowed beyond the changing rooms

Any person entering the thermal center affirms that he or she is in good health.
Use of the SPA is not recommended for any person suffering from cardiac problems, hypertension, hypotension, or circulatory problems.
If you are suffering from renal problems, diabetes, epilepsy, or if you are pregnant, exposure to hot thermal baths is also not recommended.
Swimming is not allowed for anyone with an open wound or contagious disease.
Animals are not allowed anywhere within the facilities.


Before entering the thermal center’s facilities, the client should disinfect his or her feet and shower, prior to entering the pool area.
Silence is golden and should be maintained throughout the thermal center.
Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the facility.
Dressing or undressing in public areas is not allowed – changing rooms are provided for dressing and undressing.
Running around the pools or the thermal river is STRICTLY forbidden.
Jumping and diving are not allowed and violators will be reprimanded by staff.
It is not allowed to picnic or bring in outside drinks or outside food.
It is not allowed to take video within the thermal center or under water.
Guests are not permitted to reserve or monopolize deck chairs.
Any behavior of a sexual nature or deemed out of order by staff will result in expulsion from the thermal center.


Holding your breath under water is strictly forbidden.
Playing with balls, either indoors or outdoors, is not allowed.
Guests may not bring inflatable objects, such as pool toys, inflatable boats, water noodles, rafts, etc.


Any damage caused within the center to one or more of the facilities will be charged against the user responsible.


Guests of Thermes Parc are advised not to leave anything of value in the changing rooms or lockers.
Because the lockers are individually programmed, Management declines any responsibility in the event of loss or disappearance of any objects left in the lockers.
Thermes Parc declines any responsibility in the event of accidents, thefts, or loss of personal property.
Items left behind will be retrieved and left for one month with the Thermal Center Reception Desk.
In case of necessity, use of part or all of the center may be temporarily unavailable, without compensation on the part of the establishment – For the security of our spa clients, a video surveillance system has been put in place at certain specific and authorized locations.

Thermes Parc reserves the right to exclude from the establishment any person who violates these rules and declines any responsibility in the event that the aforementioned rules are not respected by users.
Thermes Parc thanks you for your careful attention to these regulations.

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