The thermal Waters of Val d’Illiez emerge from a depth of 1200m and an altitude of 780m above sea level. The water emerges from a crystalline base with a high geothermal gradient, from the Massif des Aiguilles Rouges at a distance of less than 10 km from their origin. A thick sedimentary cover guarantees that the high temperature is maintained and at the same time achieves the mineral enrichment of the water. The thermal waters of Val d’Illiez contain sulfur, and are rich in mineral salts and trace elements: high sulphate, calcium, and magnesium content attribute to the water certain therapeutic virtues that are medically recognized.


The thermal spring waters of the Val d’Illiez are particularly recommended for the treatment of degenerative joint inflammations and joint problems, osteoarthritis, diseases that deform the spinal column and also certain skin diseases, arthritis (gout) and circulatory diseases of a functional or neurological origin.

These waters are also indicated for mcatarrhal diseases, the treatment of hypertonia and for the treatment of injuries following an accident. The cure creates a beneficial effect pfor the organism in general; through its orientation around Health – Nature – Well-being – Authenticity; it is the ideal location to recharge your batteries, decompress, and restore vital energy to your body.



The thermal waters of the spas of Val-d’Illiez are very high in sulfur content, as well as calcium and magnesium and are highly reputed for their medical properties by experts. The Orientation of “health – nature – well-being -authenticity” of the Thermal Park make it the ideal place to recharge your batteries, decompress, and restore vital energy to your body.


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Relax at the Val d’Illiez thermal baths. Enjoy the giant jacuzzi, thermal river, or the SPA thermal zone, for a moment of peaceful relaxation whether alone, as a couple, or with the whole family.

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