It all started in 1946.

The inhabitants of Val d’Illiez remember this day in 1946 when the region was shaken by an earthquake. Then they noticed an unusual snow melt at the precise spot where waters cascaded out. Very quickly, they discovered the beneficial properties of the waters springing from deep in the Earth at a natural temperature of 30°. Mr. Joseph DIONISOTII, who at the time was the owner of the land, had the idea of using these waters for a thermal spa.

The year 1984 was a crucial year in the history of the Baths. In fact, Mr. Richard COHEN decided to open up the beneficial properties of these waters to a wider public. In 1984, he opened the first pool facility with more spacious proportions.

In 1990, the idea was germinated to create in the Valley a genuine thermal complex, complete with a modern infrastructure.
It was necessary to purchase neighboring properties. The inhabitants of Val d’Illiez were very cooperative because they understood the strategic importance of this project.

In 1996 La Bergerie Restaurant was born – the renovation of this old sheep pen transformed into a magnificent restaurant quickly won over the public. 3 years later, Mr. Richard COHEN secured the final building rights. The year 2000 marked the construction of the thermal river – welled directly at the source and 100% natural.

New ideas followed in succession and the work continued… The thermal river was enlarged, and the creation of a 1500 m² thermal water feature was put in place. From 2002 to 2015 the thermal center was completed with its residences containing 110 apartments.

A history still in the making…

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